Living A Life

This year our selection of speakers all touched on how they have taken what life has given them, and chosen to life to the fullest. Like Jim, who suffered a stoke and fully recovered through dedication. Or Rachel, who challenged herself more than she thought she could.

John Furniss
Becoming a Professional Blind Man by Learning to Look at the World in a Different Way
After a suicide attempt at age 16, I lost my sight. Using my humor and my other senses, I learned how to navigate the world in a new way.
Steve Becker
The Worst Thing Imaginable: The Secret to life after survival.
In his career as a reporter, writer and story teller, Steve Becker recorded and presented profiles of hundreds of people. Two of those stories in particular forced him to reexamine Read More
Brad Richardson
Our Park: Esther Short Park and the Relationship between Place, Story, and Self
Esther Short Park, the heart of Vancouver, has witnessed over a century and a half of history. It provides a perfect lens to examine story, place, and ourselves as a Read More
Alison Magyar
The Journey from Fear of Failure to Self-Confidence: It Takes a Village
Life is filled with both good and challenging moments, that dependent on how you respond and who you surround yourself with, can help to empower you to be your best Read More
Jim West
Yes there is Life after Stroke !
May 10 , 2018 I awoke at Peace Health Medical Center, having suffered a near fatal stroke losing close to 400 million brain cells. Learn how Nueroplasticity and Nuerogenesis helped Read More
Rachel O’Rourke
How being an underdog is your secret superpower to success.
Rejection, self-doubt, and comparison almost stole the life I was meant to be living...and how one question can stop it from stealing yours.
Debra Jenkins
Daring Daily: Affirming Self Through the Use of Counternarratives
How can we use counternarratives to reject various forms of rejection which infiltrate our souls daily distracting us from gifting the world with what we were created to leave on this Read More

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