All of our speakers for the 2017 year of VANtalks came to the table with a creative mindset and the desire to share that spirit with others. From local technology experts, to creatives, to self-driving car enthusiasts – 2017’s line up had a talk for everyone.

Melissa Haviv
What Doing the Impossible Taught Me About Reality
Last winter, Melissa Sokolsky Haviv joined citizens from all around the world who responded to the refugee crisis on Lesvos Island in Greece by doing what governments and international NGOs had said Read More
Doug Harness
Driving Miss Daisy - The Future of Self-Driving Cars
Much has been written about self-driving cars and what we can expect when they arrive. We take a journey into the near future (2030) and discuss how life will change Read More
Kevin Getch
Expose Yourself
What's keeping you from moving forward, achieving success and living a happy, fulfilled life? We'll discuss our greatest fears, our deepest desires and look at how our beliefs create our Read More
Bruce Elgort
How We Work: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century
Humanity is creating and storing digital data faster than ever before. The meaningful information is getting lost in the noise. How do we find the actionable insights hidden within all Read More
Adriana Vela
Technology Convergence: Shaping the Technologies That Shape Us
From the beginning of time, technologies have been converging and at every turn it has resulted in new opportunities, diversity of use, options and freedoms that we benefit from.  Society Read More
Jessica Brown
Do you want fries with that? How Self-Awareness + Love = Powerful Change
We all have the power of choice, and the freedom to alter the results we want for our future. When we choose to seek love deliberately, we unlock possibility beyond Read More
Erika Law
The Story of Impactful Women: Empowerment through Human Connection
Hear how a professional Woman learned how to be a leader in a male dominated industry where conformity and competitiveness was the "normal" path to success. Going from the mentality Read More
Eric Smith
Getting over yourself: How to start a creative practice that sticks
Many of us have a desire to create—to write, paint, play music, or whatever else—but feel paralyzed when it comes time to actually make something. This talk uncovers some reasons Read More

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